Aqualitas & Therismos


Therismos is the medical cannabis division of Cannaray in the UK and Germany. Aqualitas’ organically grown, aquaponic cannabis is now available under the Therismos brand, please click below for each country


Institute for cannabis research and innovation.


Growing cannabis intelligence.

Like a water strider skimming along the shoreline, we have only scratched the surface on cannabis’ full potential. Sindica is dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of this miracle plant so we can explore all the possible benefits shimmering below. 


Unlocking the potential of cannabis.

Established in 2018 the Sindica Institute for Research & Innovation operates in collaboration with Acadia and Dalhousie universities, Springboard Atlantic and other Canadian leaders in cannabis science. Their collective goal is to evolve into a globally recognized hub that explores the opportunities cannabis holds for supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals, societies and the planet.

Science & Innovation at Aqualitas

Aqualitas, holds a dual-location research license at (i) its licensed facility in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, and (ii) at Acadia University to perform sensory research with human subjects to advance innovation in cannabis product development.

Through Sindica, Aqualitas is currently working with companies in Israel, South Korea, parts of Europe and the United States on cultivation research, and pharmaceutical and natural health product development. The firm’s international research includes pharmaceutical trials for MS spasticity and chemo-induced nausea and vomiting; testing bulk flower for chronic pain and PTSD; and building API capacity through cGMP and EU GMP.

The team is also working on bringing industry-leading partners and researchers to Sindica to develop high-margin Cannabis 2.0 products, including beverages and edibles, oils and extractions, pharmaceuticals, natural and animal health products, and ancillary products.