Rooted in science. Nourished by nature.

Along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in southwest Nova Scotia,

in the fall of 2014, a small group of friends gathered together with an idea to make a genuine difference in Canada’s emerging medical cannabis industry. They spoke passionately with one another about producing a higher-quality flower, grown organically and with unwavering reverence for Mother Nature.

That idea germinated, grew and is now flourishing as Aqualitas, Canada’s first Clean Green Certified®
producer celebrated for our organically grown medical cannabis, sustainable packaging system
and impeccable quality control.

CEO Myrna Gillis & Head Grower Jake Ward


A sustainable system powered by the latest in aquaponic science.

At the heart of our operation is a holistic growing system featuring organic living soil and over 2,000 koi fish. The result is abundant, healthy plants raised without reliance on pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

We’re particularly proud of how our outstanding team of scientists and creative thinkers has combined scientific research with our commitment to growing quality cannabis, making Aqualitas a true disruptor in the industry.

Today, Aqualitas has expanded to supply both the medical and adult-use markets internationally with a portfolio of in-house brands and Sindica, our research arm dedicated to discovering new opportunities in the cannabis health space, guided by science and our commitment to “Pure Wellness”.

CEO Myrna Gillis & Head Grower Jake Ward


The only cannabis company
in the world with Organic, GAP, IMC-GAP, DEL and EU-GMP

At Aqualitas, our dedication to quality and sustainability is what sets us apart. First licensed in 2018, we have expanded to supply both the medical and adult-use markets, domestically and internationally with a portfolio of premium in-house brands, a direct-to-patient marketplace and a research division dedicated to discovering new opportunities in the cannabis health space. A Canada’s first Clean Green Certified® cannabis producer and processor, our commitment to international organic management practices, compliance and quality is unmatched, facilitating the distribution of our medical products across Canada and exportation to the EU, Israel, Australia and the USA.


We’re proud to be one of the few, female-led licensed producers.

That doesn’t end with our legendary CEO, Myrna Gillis, more than 43% of our team are women, and 8% are from a visible minority group.

In addition to our commitment to diversity and inclusion, innovation is built into the very fabric of our operations. Facilitated by a consistent state of research and development, our world-class production teams are always searching for innovative ways to grow premium cannabis with the fewest energy inputs and the most eco-friendly methods possible.

The Security Team; Prabh & Anthony
Amrita Hazra, Human Resources
Josh Adler, Director of Operations
Co-Founders; Myrna & Mike
Myrna Gillis, CEO & Mike O'Keefe, CFO
Production Team
Cultivation Team
Security Team
Danielle Maitland, Cultivation & Aquaponics Lead


Our Medical & Patient Advisory Board help us meet your unique needs.

The Aqualitas Medical & Patient Advisory Board serves as a forum for dialogue amongst health professionals, patients and other stakeholders regarding the development of responsible and safe practices for the cultivation, sale, prescription and consumption of medical cannabis.

The Board includes family and specialized medical professionals, research scientists, a dietitian, a nurse, a pharmacist, a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and patients who have found relief using medical cannabis. The Board members are familiar with the use of cannabis to assist people in palliative care, with AIDS, Crohn’s, MS, cancer, arthritis, and PTSD.

Commitment to Sustainable Packaging


We’re committed to sustainable packaging to protect the planet.

It’s estimated that up to 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the oceans every year from coastal regions. When nearly 40% of the plastic produced is for packaging that’s used just once and then discarded, we knew we needed to find a new way of doing things.

We partnered with the folks at Sana Packaging and Oceanworks to develop a line of fully-recyclable packaging made from ocean-reclaimed plastics. 

In addition to our sustainable flower packaging, our edibles bags are compostable. We’re proud to offer you high quality cannabis packaged in containers you can feel good about. Because, it matters.


Serving those who have served.

As strong advocates for Veterans, we recognize that relief from injuries sustained while serving our country is often not achieved with conventional pharmaceuticals. Built by Veterans for Veterans, this program provides priority access to premium organic cannabis, personalized communication, and support that follows patients through the entire process.