Aqualitas & Therismos


Therismos is the medical cannabis division of Cannaray in the UK and Germany. Aqualitas’ organically grown, aquaponic cannabis is now available under the Therismos brand, please click below for each country


Transfer your medical document without an appointment.


Transfer in three easy steps.

If you’re an existing a medical cannabis patient with a valid Medical Document, you can easily transfer to Aqualitas without the intermediary step of seeing your doctor.


Register Online

Complete the Patient Registration Form online or print a copy and return it to Aqualitas by fax, email, or mail.


Submit Medical Document

Contact your current licensed producer via email, or in writing and request that they send your Medical Document to Aqualitas via secure fax to: 1-855-750-1884


Go Shopping

Once your document and resigtration are received, we’ll email you a Client ID and log in details. As a new patient you will receive a 25% discount off your first order.

Have questions, or need assistance?

 We’re here for you now and always. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is standing by, ready to support you. Reach out with questions about our products, special pricing programs, or anything at all.

Call: 1-833-300-2782 | Email:


We’re growing to serve you better.

Our carefully curated medical cannabis offerings include craft cannabis from growers like Origin Coast, Prairie Grass, Green Harvest Organics and new and exciting formats from Stewart Farms. 

New and transferring patients will receive a warm welcome offer, so you can get to know us and our partners.

Four reasons to choose Aqualitas as your medical cannabis provider.


Small Batch, Organic Cannabis

Priority access to premium cannabis products from a curated selection of craft producers. Unique, small batch cultivars and classic favourites you know and love in formats and sizes to meet your diverse needs. Get the medicine you need and products you can feel good about buying.


Consistent, Reliable Supply

We understand that out-of-stock products can lead to an interruption in your medical cannabis protocol causing undue stress. That’s why the production team at Aqualitas is continuously monitoring the inventory of our core products to ensure you have access to the products you need.


People That Care About You

Our dedicated, knowledgeable team of professionals is here to support you in your journey with medical cannabis. If you need assistance with the registration process, speaking with your physician or health care practitioner, or choosing the product to best meet your needs, please contact us. 


Financial Support When You Need It

We believe everyone deserves safe, reliable access to medical cannabis and we understand that for some clients choosing between their medicine and other expenses is often a reality. To help offset some of the costs, we have  several financial support programs for various groups.

Financial Support Programs

We are proud to offer these financial support programs for our patients:

  • a 25% discount for new and renewing patients;
  • a 25% discount when you refer a new patient;
  • a 10% discount for seniors;
  • a 25% compassionate discount for clients with annual incomes under $30,000/yr;
  • a 50% discount for patients 19 years of age and under;
  • support for veterans through our Veterans Care program;
  • and FREE shipping on all orders $150 and over.


Soothe your body and mind.

Brought to you by Stewart Farms, these organically made bath bombs feature moisturizing mango butter, aromatic essential oils and natural ingredients sourced locally.