Rooted in science. Designed to grow.

Aqualitas has expanded to supply both the medical and adult-use markets in Canada and internationally through a dynamic portfolio of brands.

Aqualitas family of Brands: Reef Organic, Current
Aqualitas Inc.

Aqualitas is our core medical brand serving civilian and Veteran patients across the country. As Canada’s first Clean Green Certified producer, we’re dedicated to growing organic, craft cannabis with the lightest environmental footprint possible. Our medical marketplace offers patients access to our core organic brands as well as a highly curated selection of craft cannabis products made by the most respect brands in Canadian cannabis.

Reef Organic

Reef Organic is a premium adult-use brand known for top-shelf, high octane organic cannabis. Designed to resonate with environmentally conscious shoppers who are keen to know how their cannabis is grown and what goes into the products they buy. Reef Organic offers a lineup of sustainable products that meet the standards of these discerning customers packaged in containers you can feel good about keeping, recycling or tossing in the compost bin.


Current is a collective of unique, small-batch cannabis in unique, sought after formats specially selected from among the top craft growers across Canada. For the thrill-seekers and the adventurers. The ones who love the chase and savour the catch. Curated and vetted by the Aqualitas team – these passionate and courageous growers consistently deliver top-shelf cannabis sought after by craft cannabis enthusiasts.


Serving those who have served.

Built by Veterans for Veterans, this program offers priority access to premium organic cannabis, personalized communication, and support that follows you through the entire process.