True Colours Mixed Pack

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The exciting new True Colours Pack brings you four distinct flavour profiles to suit any mood. Enjoy the Strawberry, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Mango.

THC: 2.5mg

CBD: <0.5mg

Sativa-dominant, Indica-dominant


Size: 10mg

Total: $8.00

Sale: $6.50

2g Medical Allotment



Our exciting new True Colours Pack brings you four distinct flavour profiles to suit any mood. Enjoy the Strawberry and Watermelon Sativa chews infused with organic, CO2 extracted Ghost Train Haze distillate, or savour the Blue Raspberry and Mango Indica chews infused with organic Cold Creek Kush distillate. Each piece delivers 2.5mg of THC and is bursting with mouth watering goodness that will flood your senses.

These premium gummies are made in small batches with the highest quality organic cannabis extracts, scientifically processed and infused to provide a consistent dose.

4 x 2.5mg THC/gummy | 4 gummies/pack

At Aqualitas, we produce high-quality, organic medical cannabis, free of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. As Canada’s first Clean Green Certified producer, our cultivation process utilizes a unique combination of organic living soil made in Nova Scotia, and nutrient-rich water provided by our 800+ living koi fish.

Developed in 2004, the Clean Green Certified Program is the longest-running cannabis certification program in the world. Recognized as having the highest level of standards for organically grown cannabis, the certification is based on existing national and international USDA organic programs. All Aqualitas products are packaged in sustainable containers and are sensory tested by real patients to ensure quality and consistency before making their way to you.

Details: Each 4.2g gummy contains the equivalent of 1.33 g of dried cannabis. Edibles are a discreet, occasional and tasty alternative to oils or other formats as part of your medical cannabis treatment.
Lineage: Ghost Train Haze + Cold Creek Kush
Grow Method: Certified Organic Aquaponics + Organic Living Soil
Trim Method: Machine Trim, Hand Finish
Dry Method: Rack Dry
Extraction Method: Solventless CO2
Packaging: Biodegradable Bag
Directions for Use: Like other prescription medications, dosing cannabis should be done with your primary healthcare provider’s careful supervision.

Aqualitas supports the Health Canada recommended “start low and go slow” approach. Onset times vary, but with edibles, it can take 2 hours or more before effects are noticed, so it is recommended to wait at least 2 hours before taking a 2nd dose.
Ingredients: Tapioca syrup, granulated sugar, gelatin powder, agar, locust bean, water, natural flavouring and colour, citric acid, organic cannabis extract, mineral oil
Nutrition Facts: Calories 17
Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 4g
Sugars 3g - 3%
Protein 0.2g

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