VetSelect Sativa (Queen SanG)

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Crafted from organically grown Ghost Train Haze these pre-rolls have a fresh, earthy and citrusy aroma with a hint of sweet pine.

THC: 25 - 33%

CBD: <1%


TERPENES: 3 - 5%

Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Limonene, Trans-Nerolidol

Size: 30g

Total: $255


We are celebrating another win for the Queen by offering you a 30g whole flower format.
Queen SanG won Flower of the Year at the 2022 Cannabis Cup, and 2nd overall at the 2023 Cannabis Cup, once again leading the pack as the top Sativa in Canada!

Our Queen SanG is reminiscent of a summer fruit salad with sharp oranges and lemons overwhelming your senses, followed closely by the signature diesel fuel aroma from the Royal Kush lineage that confirms you’re experiencing an authentic, Northern Cali cultivar. A rare limonene and pinene dominant cultivar, Nerolidol adds to the aroma profile with a herbal, diesel finish.

Queen SanG is a sativa leaning hybrid bred by California’s Emerald Mountain Legacy and derived from a selected cross of Mimosa x Royal Kush. All Emerald Mountain Legacy genetic creations are based on the elite Royal Kush varietal bred by the late, Mack Anderson AKA Mandelbrot, who was responsible for bringing the diesel fuel essence to North America.

Aqualitas’ cannabis is grown organically in living soil in small indoor batches, free of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. All our products are sensory tested by actual humans and patients who love cannabis under our research license, before they make their way to you.

At Aqualitas, we produce high-quality, organic medical cannabis, free of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. As Canada’s first Clean Green Certified producer, our cultivation process utilizes a unique combination of organic living soil made in Nova Scotia, and nutrient-rich water provided by our 2,000+ living koi fish.

Developed in 2004, the Clean Green Certified Program is the longest-running cannabis certification program in the world. Recognized as having the highest level of standards for organically grown cannabis, the certification is based on existing national and international USDA organic programs. All Aqualitas products are packaged in sustainable containers and are sensory tested by real patients to ensure quality and consistency before making their way to you.

Dry Method: Rack Dry
Details: The product image and label are provided for illustrative purposes only. The potency and concentration of this product may vary by batch.
Lineage: Mimosa x Royal Kush
Grow Method: Certified Organic Aquaculture + Organic Living Soil
Trim Method: Hand Trim
Dry Method: Rack Dry
Packaging: Biodegradable Bag

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