Ghost Train Haze Rosin

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An organic, single-source full spectrum, solventless rosin with a light caramel colour and a creamy yet slightly tacky texture. Delicately processed using only heat, pressure and time.

THC: 650 - 750mg

CBD: <10mg


TERPENES: 4 - 5%

Beta-Myrcene, Limonene, Terpinolene

Size: 1g

Total: $68


Ghost Train Haze Rosin is a cultivar specific full spectrum solventless extract made from advanced mechanical and heat separation techniques without the use of water, gas, or chemical solvents. Each dab of this light caramel colour rosin is creamy but sticky in nature, melts well, and unleashes intense waves of thick citrus and pine aromas with earthy nuances and a fuel finish that produces a powerful long-lasting Sativa effect.

Ghost Train Haze (High Seas) is a sativa dominant variety bred by Rare Dankness and derived from a cross of Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. With a terpene profile dominant in Terpinolene, Limonene and beta-Myrcene, it has aromas of fresh sour limes dripping in fuel, and hints of herbs and sweet pine.

At Aqualitas, we produce high-quality, organic medical cannabis, free of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. As Canada’s first Clean Green Certified producer, our cultivation process utilizes a unique combination of organic living soil made in Nova Scotia, and nutrient-rich water provided by our 2,000+ living koi fish.

Developed in 2004, the Clean Green Certified Program is the longest-running cannabis certification program in the world. Recognized as having the highest level of standards for organically grown cannabis, the certification is based on existing national and international USDA organic programs. All Aqualitas products are packaged in sustainable containers and are sensory tested by real patients to ensure quality and consistency before making their way to you.

Dry Method: Rack Dry
Grow Method: Certified Organic Aquaponics + Organic Living Soil
Trim Method: Machine Trim, Hand Finish
Dry Method: Rack Dry
Extraction Method: Solventless CO2
Packaging: Calyx Glass Container + Cardboard Box
Directions for Use: Recommended Methods of Use: Vaporizer and portable vaporizer devices, Advanced Dab Rig Systems

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